Feed Services

We currently have only a few feeds for premium subscription. But if you need a custom feed, please contact and share with our technical team.


List of Feed Services:


1. Contact Info Feed

This feed gives you basic contact information (upon availability) from each valid pages of websites of your choice. We collect and deliver once every week. We provide these fields: like email, telephone, address and / or latitude & longitude when available.

2. Amazon Top Reviewers Feed

This feed gives you 10,000 top reviewers info from Amazon. We collect and deliver new data every week. We provide following fields with feed: Author Name,  Author GUID, Reviews URL,  Reviews Feed URL, Current Rank, Total Reviews, Helpful Votes, Percent Helpful, Fan Voters. We also provide reviewers detail*.

3. Coupon Codes Feed

This feed gives you coupon codes from stores of your choice. We collect codes from over 300 stores, you take codes from ones you subscribe for. We provide these fields: merchant name, merchant URL, coupon title, coupon description, coupon code and expiry date. Please contact us to get a sample file in XML or CSV.

4. Sitemap Feed

This feed gives you all internal links from websites of your choice – we create one feed per website. We collect and deliver feeds once every week. We also submit to search engines on behalf of you. We provide these fields: page link, page title, occurrences (how many times the link was found), page response time. We can also provide external links found on each pages*.

For every feed, we have several data formats for you – CSV, XML, Serialized Array, JSON and/or even in any custom TEXT format. We deliver your feed securely. Please contact us to know more.

5. Restaurants Feed

We have a big list of restaurants which covers almost all restaurants available in the United States. We collected those from famous sites like eat24 dot com, seamless dot com, grubhub dot com, etc. We provide attributes like cuisines, delivery fee / minimum, address, geo-points, telephone, website, etc. Please contact us to get a sample list (in CSV). Both one-time and recurring options are available on this feed.

* = might be a subject to additional cost

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